Wednesday, March 31, 2010

File Folder Memo Pad Cover

I needed a smaller version of a memo pad cover made out of an ordinary file folder for a fundraiser. These covers will fit 4 inch x 6 inch memo pads. They are so easy and fun to do and make great gifts!

Here is the tutorial to make this memo pad holder.

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Angela Mclean said...

Great idea!
Angela xxx.

Linda Kaiser said...

Thanks Angela for your kind words!

KAT said...

have you had any problems with your magnets not sticking on the glossy coated paper? i used stampin up file folders, and basic grey magnets. but they won't stay on. they stick to each other.

also, i don't cut out the entire notch on bottom right corner. i only cut out the 1/2" notch, then tape up the corner as you would the other side. just gives it a little more 'structure'. i like the ribbon for tying together, but what are using at both ends when you use this? i used oversize brads, but didn't like the prongs sticking out on the inside.


Linda Kaiser said...

Thanks for the question. My magnets are sticking on glossy file folders. I bought mine at Target and Staples. Maybe you could try using a glue gun to adhere the magnets.

I found a you tube video using ribbon and stamping up folders. Hope this helps. They used velcro instead of magnets. Take a look at the video.

JustYolie said...

This is how I found you!! I just saw this video! Thank you for the great idea! I have lots of file folders that can be used for this project...Yay!

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