Thursday, April 29, 2010

Martha Stewart Score Board vs Scor-Pal

I thought it would be interesting to do a video comparing Martha Stewart’s Score Board to the Score-Pal. I have had my Score Pal for several weeks and love it. My sister just purchased a Martha Stewart Score Board and loved it, so of course I thought it would be fun to own both.

Scroll down to see both products in action.



Suzzi said...

I am another one that has both, I was at the right place for the scor-pal as I got it at 50% off and got the scor-pad @ 40% off. I did try the pad before hand. What I liked about it was the grids as well, they make great background. I think it was crafter's workshop (but don't quote me :-) ) that had paper like the scor pad and loved it. It would make a great background paper and that was my reasonning (justifying the purchase lol).

I have a embosser pen type (has a ball at the end) that does fit in the grooves in case your bone folder doesn't work anymore.

Thanks for posting your video, now off to check the rest of your blog.

Linda Kaiser said...

Thanks Suzzi for the great tip. I will find my embosser pen and give it a try!


Molly said...

Great reviews! Thanks!

Shawn said...

at the first inch and last inch. Scoring surface is 6 5/8" w x 7" long. Asterisk at 4 1/4 for A2 cards and dots for gate-fold and triangle for 1/3rd of 11". It comes with its own tote bag and will retail for $19.95. It also will have a Scor-Mat, possibly magnetized.
Diana Crick

Shawn said...

Woops I lost the first part of my post. This is Diana Crick creator of Scor-pal. I noticed there were a couple of things you were doing wrong. The Scor-Tool is held at a 45 degree angle to the board. You are scoring with the side of the tool not the tip. This pushes the paper into the deeper grooves, deeper than MS and that is why you can score heavier card stock on our board. Do not score using the tip. Also you were folding in the wrong direction. Fold with the score line to the OUTSIDE of the fold, bump to the inside. If you contact me I will send you a Scor-Mat.
We have a new product coming in early June, the Scor-Buddy, a mini Scor-Pal. The scoring surface is 6 5/8" w x 7" l. It has grooves every 1/4", asterisk at 4 1/4" for A2, dots for gate-fold, triangle for 1/3 of 11". Between 0-1" and 5 5/8 to 6 5/8 there are grooves every 1/8th of an inch.
We have updated envelope instructions that are EASY. If you contact me by e-mail I will forward these to you
Diana Crick

Linda Kaiser said...

LadyDiana: I am soooo glad to get your comment and thanks so much for the directions, which I will be sure to follow. I am going to practice:)and fold correctly!

I am honored to hear from the inventor! Wow! I do not have your email address but mine is and I would love to correspond. Thanks again for the directions and I look forward to your new product(s) and new directions for envelopes. Linda

janet dycus said...

yes the score pal was costly so i seen the msartha stewart one and just love it it has all your measurements but thank you for the video you are right their is no web site for her score but that is ok

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to do this video. I do not have either but may purchase one or both soon. It was also nice of Diana to leave her comments.


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