Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Four Easy Ways to Dye Ribbon Without the Mess

I like ribbon and use it on many of my projects, however, it seems like I never have the right shade when I need it, so I decided to dye my own. For four easy ways to dye ribbon without the mess, scroll down and watch the video. Enjoy!


Angi Barrs said...

Great info. This will save me money too. :)

Linda Kaiser said...

Thanks so much for the comment and for featuring me on your blog.


tracy said...

Thanks for sharing. I always have that problem of ribbon not matching!


Shawnee said...

This is so wonderful!! I never thought of dying my ribbon. I was always on a search for the perfect color. Thank you so much!!

jers52 said...

Thanks for sharing this... I always have to search for hr right ribbon- no more!

BlueEyedBug said...

Great idea - never have the right color (til now!!)! I'm learning alot from your blog site today. Thanks so much for sharing!

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