Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Gypsy is in the House.

I am a Design Studio power user and just purchased my first Gypsy and love it. I know a lot of you just bought the Gypsy, so I thought I would list some resources that will help you get started. I learned a lot from watching their videos and visiting their blogs.

I love the new video series from Emma for Gypsy newbies. Here are the links to her first three videos explaining the basics. You will learn tons!

Part One: Calibrating your screen, menu button, creating a new design, linking your carts, etc.

Part Two: How to zoom, pan, add layer and how to use layer controls.

Part Three: Sizing and using aspect ratio.

Tammy Skinner is a Gypsy guru and her blog Creative Critters Cricut Club is a must see. She is a terrific teacher and keeps us informed on all Gypsy changes and updates. Her projects are amazing!

I am so used to working with DS on a larger screen, so I want to share my favorite Gypsy tip with you. When you are in the image queue and you need to add an image but you cannot see it clearly by just running your stylus over it … there is a simple way to enlarge the image. Click here for my tip of the day and the directions, thanks to Bug Bytes. Be sure and check out her blog as she has a ton of great information on the Gypsy.

Below is my first Gypsy project. For this card I welded two 5 inch tall cupcakes using Gypsy Wanderings. I then cut two layers one in pink and one in brown. Next, I cut two candles and flipped one so I could glue them back to back. I manually cut off the top of the pink layer and attached it to my brown layer. I added glitter and glossy accents to the flame. Super fun and easy birthday card.

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Anonymous said...

Linda, I love this card and thanks for the great resources! Tammy rocks!


Linda Kaiser said...

Thanks Sue for your nice comment. I so agree and always appreciate your posts.


Sammye Jo said...

I LOVE my gupsy and I know you will too!!!!! I take ot along in my purse for carpool lines, doctor's visits, etc :)

Looking forward to working with you on the ITeam!!!!

Linda Kaiser said...

Thanks Sammye Jo! I am so excited to be working with you!


My Creative Time said...

You are sweet!! THANK YOU for linking my videos, I REALLY appreciate it my friend!;)
Big Gypsy Hugs,
P.S. CONGRATS on your new GYPSY AND making the I-Team!!! Your work is FABULOUS!;)

Linda Kaiser said...

Emma: Thanks so much for all your help! I so admire your work and appreciate your support!!


Unknown said...

Very pretty :) I love the patterns! said...

Cute card! I too have Design Studio, but I love my Gypsy better, I just wished it came with a huge screen!

Linda Kaiser said...

Thanks Gaby, I am so loving my new Gypsy!

gayle-rn said...

Oh Linda, I to just purchased the Gypsy in Nov. Just love learning all there is to do. Thank you so much for your videos and the links to other sites for information. Just love that b'day and snowman card.

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