Friday, February 18, 2011

To Do List

Today, I want to share with you my design project for Creative Critterz Imaginations blog.

I made this cute To Do list to put on my refrigerator using the Imagine More cartridge.

First, I cut the background image (page 15) at 7 ½ inches and flood filled with a different paper located on page 37. For this project, I only used the first two layers of the image.

Next, I printed several sheets of the list (sized at 5.9 inches) and glued them together to form a pad using Elmer’s glue and a sponge brush. I used very little glue as I want to be able to easily tear off the sheets. Binder clips were used to hold the paper until it dried completely. While drying, I let it hang over the edge of my table.

I cut the butterfly at 1.6 inches using the cut on page 4. Several months ago I made a video on how to emboss Imagine cuts and I used that technique to emboss the butterfly.

I used removable adhesive on the butterfly so I could easily remove it when I need to tear off the paper and use a new sheet. Lastly, I printed the sentiment and added a magnet to the back.

Imagine More cartridge
Embossing powder
Magnet Tape
Foam Brush
Elmer’s Glue
Small binder clips

Thanks for visiting and have a great week.


Anonymous said...

great project... I love it.

Kate said...

What a BEAUTIFUL "To Do" list!! I am such a list person and love to have nice pads. I've never considered making my own!
(Sorry I have missed a few of your posts. I've been swamped with work and life the past week or so.)

carolet said...

Cool! So does the Elmer's glue mimic a post-it note adhesive?

Linda Kaiser said...

Carole,I used Elmer's Glue on the binding. The binding looks similar to the binding on post-it-notes.

Unfortunately, I have not come up with a way to make removeable post-it-notes:) I have used Elmers on many different types of papers and it works well when making paper pads.


Anonymous said...

Linda, I love the colors and I am going to try to make a paper pad.


Stacy said...

I love this paper pad. I am thinking you need to do a video so I can see how you made it. I am such a visual learner :)

Linda Kaiser said...

Thanks Kate! Hope things slow down for awhile!


Linda Kaiser said...

Stacy, thanks for the idea!

Linda said...

Hi Linda!
I miss coming to visit you!
I have not been feeling well and just have time to create for my posts and rest!
In addition, something has happen to my computer in the past week, any time I click or try to watch a youtube video, my computer semi crashes by restaring itself and making me log on to everthing all over again... this weekend I will see if I have a virus or just overloaded!

Anyway, sorry for the lengthy post but wanted to mention that I just looked around and wow, love your thursday post and the flowers, funny I just resently shared a how to on rosettes at CCR...
Hugs, Gaby
Oh, and you are making me want to go out and repurchase an Imagine again (mine died soon after purchase and decided to wait), DH has been asking me to make him a pad/to do list because he needs it!

Unknown said...

Hi Linda,
Love the to do list. Would love to make some. Do you think if you use 2 way glue on the back of each sheet, will that make it a post it note. I would be a lot of work. Were did you get the to do list sheets from. Would love to know.
Thanks so much for all your ideas and videos.

Linda Kaiser said...

Gaby: Hope you are feeling better and that your computer is too!

Also sorry to hear about your Imagine. Looks like you are having a challenging time all around.

Take care my friend and may this week bring you good luck!! !


Linda Kaiser said...

Wanda, great questions. I have not tried using two way glue, but will give it a try. I used the Imagine More cartridge for the To Do list, but you could make your own or use lined notebook paper.

Hope this helps!


mgster said...

just want to say that I love your blog. I came across one of your youtube videos on adhesives and could not believe how many great ideas you have. I have a Pampered Chef roller and NEVER thought to use it on I will!

I did recently buy the Pink ATG gun at my local JoAnns and when I got up to the register found out it was discounted to $17.99!!! I almost did a happy dance! LOVE IT! Plus it came with two rolls of tape.

Anyways, looking forward to all your great ideas.

ScrapCrazyyyy! said...

This is great. Please do not be offended when I post something similar on my blog. I made it after the holidays but keep forgetting to buy a magnet so I can hang it on my fridge and take a pic. I used my Imagine also, but took the easy way out on the notepage and used one I bought from Target.

Linda Kaiser said...

ScrapCrazy, I can't wait to see yours and I love your idea!!


Embosserissima said...

Really great idea! Thanks for the instructions.

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