Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Trip

This Memorial Day weekend, we went on trip to Yellowstone National Park with my sister-in-law and her husband. We were looking forward to the trip but almost canceled due to the poor weather forecast. In the end, we decided to go anyway and see what we could see. Many of the animals are having their babies this time of year and this year was no exception. My husband was the photographer for the trip and got some amazing photos that I couldn’t wait to share with you.

On Saturday morning, we started out driving south towards the NE Entrance, but were immediately stopped by a ranger as we left Mammoth. He said there had been a rock slide and the road was closed about 8 miles out. We drove a little of the 8 miles that was open and came upon a herd of bison with their new babies. This little one was getting some early breakfast.

 We drove back to Mammoth Hot Springs, and went south around the other side of the park. We came upon a grizzly bear. It was digging up the ground looking for food and seemed to be finding lots of tasty morsels. We also had a cinnamon colored black bear go through our campsite, but no photos as we didn’t have a camera ready before it disappeared into the sagebrush.

Later in the evening we drove north from Mammoth Hot Springs and came upon a group of Bighorn Sheep with their lambs. Some still had their umbilical cords showing, but were already running up and down the slope and chasing each other. They were adorable as they raced, jumped and butted heads in mock fights.

Hope you and your family had an enjoyable Memorial Day.


Crafting Katie said...

Linda, what a fun trip! The pictures are AMAZING! I'm glad you enjoyed your long weekend.

TYJ419 said...

Linda thanks so much for posting your pics. I live on the East coast(Delaware)and have wanted for years to visit Yellowstone.

Linda Kaiser said...

Thanks Kate, we had a great time!!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


Linda Kaiser said...

Thanks TYJ419! I hope you get to visit Yellowstone! You will love it! I hope to visit Delaware:)


Marilyn said...

Absolutely wonderful! Great pics! I've beent there twice and could go back again and again and again...looks like a wonderful way to spend Memorial Day! Pictures are fantastic...thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you had fun! Your husband's photos are amazing!


Sandy #1781 said...

What a great way to enjoy the weekend! These photos are wonderful and I hope we'll see something you created from them. Hint, hint! LOL!

MelodyR aka Ry&MysMom said...

Amazing pictures, Linda! What camera does your husband have? Hope you're having an awesome vacation!


Kelly said...

Wow, Thank you for sharing your great photos. I'm in Vermont and would love to visit Yellowstone.....hopefully when we retire :)

Linda Kaiser said...

Melody, thanks for the nice comment. My husband just bought the Canon 7 D and he loves it!!


JustYolie said...

Amazing pictures Linda, what a wonderful trip.

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