Monday, July 11, 2011

Mount Rainier Trip

We had a great day with my sister Diane, her husband John, and my nieces Mandy and Ari exploring Mount Rainier National Park.  Ari spotted these adorable baby foxes and my husband took over 100 photos. We had a wonderful time with our family.  For this vacation, I decided not to pack any crafting supplies. Big mistake, I am so missing crafting and my Cricuts.  Yikes!

Mount Rainier from about 30 miles away. It is the tallest mountain in the Cascade Range at 14,411 feet (4,392 m).

A pair of fox kits that were out of their den while mom was away. They look big in the photo, but are actually smaller than a house cat. The den was under a snow bank right beside the road and they seemed to be enjoying the warm sun. They posed for quite a few pictures before disappearing into the den when tourists finally got too close.

Watching tourists is boring!

I can 't wait to share my next stop with you, it is my favorite store ever!



Terry@ a quilting blog said...

Great photos the little foxes!! TFS

Sandy from Ukiah said...

What great pictures... I am so glad you are having such a wonderful time.. (even though you are missing your circuit a little.. you are making beautiful memories ) hugs

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Those foxes are adorable, Have a great vacation.

Crafting Katie said...

Oh my gosh, so cute! What an amazing trip you are having!!!

Linda Kaiser said...

Thanks everyone! I am so missing my crafting,but having a great time.


Craft Me This said...

It will be ther when you get back and you will have so many memories to put on paper. Pretty paper like you always do.

Ladybug said...

I live just across the ocean from there, so get to see that gorgeous mountain on a clear day. :-)

Lucky that you got to see it up close!! :-)

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