Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How to Make Quick and Easy Pencil Toppers

While shopping at Target (in the dollar section) I found some adorable pencils and decided to make pencil toppers. Our Dollar store has quite an assortment of pencils too!

These toppers would make great gifts for a student, teacher or in my case me!

You can also use the eraser with these toppers, and they are quick to remove if you want to change the design.

Did I mention that they would be fun to add to an Easter basket? Scroll down to see the video. This could not be easier!

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Crafting Katie said...

Linda, these are adorable! Thank you so much for the video! You just gave me an idea for back to school next fall. I especially love how you can still use the eraser!!!

Anonymous said...

Linda,these are adorable. I am going to Target today. Thank you for the idea.

Kate said...

This is such a wonderful idea, Linda! You pencil toppers look fabulous! I love the way the rosettes extend from the sides of the pencils. Thanks so much for sharing!

Momof4inArlington said...

Super simple, super cute! My girls would love to receive these. But, I also think it's a great project for them to make as teacher/classmate goodies. I think I'll make a couple for St. Patrick's Day, and pop them into their backpacks. Thanks, as always, for the inspiration and video!

missstamper said...

Very cute! Thanks for sharing another great project!

By the way, I purchased an Ad-Tech glue gun at Walmart yesterday! I knew I needed a better glue gun, and your video helped me decide which one! Thanks so much!

tndj said...

cute pencil toppers. Have to make some for myself. Don't have kids in school anymore. Looks like something I can accomplish without too much trouble.

Linda Kaiser said...

Thanks everyone for your nice comments.


Michele Kovack said...

Love these! My students at school would love them too!And thank you for your kind comments on my carrot boxes! It truly made my week!

Linda Kaiser said...

Michele,thanks so much for your nice comment!!

I can't wait to share your wonderful post tomorrow!

Happy Easter!


V&N said...

I'm always looking for projects for my grandkids, this is a great idea. Love them thanks Linda

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