Sunday, July 22, 2012

Simply Organized Sunday! (SOS)

Welcome to the first Simply Organized Sunday…SOS for short! Every Sunday during the summer I will showcase blogs, websites or posts that provide innovative approaches to organizing and designing your craft space as well as other areas in your home. I will also post ideas on how to organize your craft supplies. Thanks for being a part of my very first SOS!

This is one of my favorite Craft Room Makeovers from one of my favorite blogs, How to Nest for Less. What I love about this room is that is only 10 ft x 10 ft and Erin makes the room look so much larger. I also like the DIY approach. Much less expensive! Be sure to check out her blog for tons of design ideas!

Click here to see more photos and great ideas for a small space.

Below is an example of a dream craft room with purchased craft furniture from the Original Scrap Box Company. This dream room belongs to Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous. I love her blog and know you will too! Be sure to check out her section on craft rooms. I love the makeovers!

I love the clean lines with color accents.

Linda’s sewing area is amazing!

I so adore her work station from the Original Scrap Box Company.

I love how she used an old crib spring to make an adorable inspiration board. Now I am on the lookout for a crib spring.

Here is our last amazing makeover also featured on Craftaholics Anonymous that you just have to see.

To see 33 more step by step photos and great ideas, stop over to Abbey’s blog, The cards We Drew. I love her makeover! You just have to see the before photo!

Thanks for visiting and I hope you have enjoyed the first Simply Organized Sunday!


Theresa said...

OMGosh! I am going to be here every Sunday! I love this idea and addicted to organizing my craft space, and looking at other great ideas. So excited!

Just A Pac Rat said...

I love organizing and craft space ideas. I will try to be here every Sunday. Thanks for hosting.

Crafting Katie said...

You are making me drool, Linda! Love all of these spots! I'm also kicking myself for recently dumping Eric's crib (it was about 20 years old and didn't meet today's safety standards, so I couldn't give it away). I could have kept those springs!!!

Migdalia said...

I am here!Love this segment!!Thx for hosting!!!Great Ideas!!

Abbey D. said...

Thanks for featuring my craft room!

Enfys said...

What a great post, I love all the blogs you featured, look forward to seeing some more
Enfys x

Anonymous said...

Linda,I love your SOS idea. Helen S.

How to Nest for Less said...

WOW, thanks so much for featuring my craft room. I'm so honored!!!

cricaholic said...

ROTFLOL!! I'm a crafter and my hobby is organizing my crafts..This is so interesting!! Thanks so much for doing this!! I can't wait till next Sunday...

The Slaugh Family said...

I think a room makeover is in the books for this month! Thank you for the inspiration!

Kraftychick said...

Love the new SOS! It is inspiring and gives me the ooomph to get in my room and CLEAN IT UP! Lol!


Milliscent Morgan said...

So glad that I found his page but supposedly I'm looking for Floor Waxing Fairfax VA.

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