Sunday, August 19, 2012

Simply Organized Sunday! (SOS) Paper Style!

Welcome to Simply Organized Sunday…SOS for short! Every Sunday during the summer I will showcase blogs, websites or posts that provide innovative approaches to organizing and designing your craft space as well as other areas in your home. I will also post ideas on how to organize your craft supplies.

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I have tons of scrapbook paper and I am always looking for new ways to organize it! Check out this unique paper storage idea I found on Pinterest. I love Maryanne’s scrapbook organization pins.

This is so clever and it would work well for scrapbook paper and lots of other things!

This is such a great idea if you need more space for your papers or for that matter anything! I loved all of Sarah’s pins. I  especially like her creative book storage.

For twenty more traditional and creative ways to store your scrapbooking supplies including paper, click here. I so enjoyed  Better Homes and Garden’s vertical storage ideas!

Currently most of my paper is stored horizontally in drawers under my crafting tables, but I also have some stored vertically on my bookcase. I can’t decide which I like best.

Christina from Creations with Christina just remodeled  her craft room and I adore it! Click here to check out her paper storage ideas and to see a 30 minute video tour of her new room!   I like how she hung her Cricut mats on her door! Clever!


Marcia said...

I love your SOS's. It is so interesting to see what others are doing. Thanks

cricaholic said...


Migdalia said...

I wish I had more space so that I can organize my cardstock....TFS
great ideas!

Nana said...

Thanks for sharing. Really great ideas.

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Ruby said...

I love that white storage under the stairs. It’s brilliant, and no one would argue with that. Ha-ha! I simply like the idea of saving space. Imagine if no one has thought of that, a lot of potential storage spaces would go unutilized. Thanks for the idea! :D

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