Monday, December 3, 2012

Martha Stewart on the Wild Side

During our Thanksgiving vacation with family and friends we visited the Draught Works microbrewery in Missoula Montana. Imagine my surprise when I looked up and saw beautiful Christmas decorations made using Martha Stewart’s ornament template.

They were made by AJ, Ana, and Jeff (the owner) using Martha’s template and white card stock. If you find yourself in Montana, I recommend that you stop in and taste their hand crafted beers. And don’t forget to look up! I am proud to say we have lots of great microbreweries in our State.

I originally purchased my Martha Stewart ornament maker in August of 2011 from HSN and I am so glad I did! It is easy to use and makes beautiful ornaments in no time at all. Below is my original video on how to make these amazing ornaments. I just checked HSN’s site and the kit in my video which includes two sizes of lantern templates and two sizes of ornament templates is still available and on sale for $29.95. As Martha would say, it is a good thing!

Be sure to enter my Martha Stewart giveaway by clicking here and stop back tomorrow to see if you won!


Kate said...

I love the look of elegance meeting rustic! Isn't it fun when you recognize a craft out in public? We were recently driving along the highway when I spotted somebody's vinyl creation - obviously done with their Cricut as I recognized the cuts. I was so excited!

Thanks for sharing your story - and photos!

Kim Ly said...

I know it gets me so excited and i dont k ow why. Fun. Anyway cool video and i just has to end my day taking a quick look in ur blog. Always inpiring linda!
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