Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Motivational Calendar

I recently joined Weight Watchers and started thinking about crafting ideas that would help. I am a lifetime member and I wanted to lose a few pounds, so I thought it would be fun to change a traditional advent calendar kit from Silhouette to a motivational calendar to help me with my weight and exercise goals. I love how it turned out. You could modify this advent calendar to help achieve your personal goals, countdown to a holiday or special event or for a traditional advent calendar.

This limited edition advent calendar kit comes with the frame, clips and a full set of shapes, that can be arranged any way you like. Use your Silhouette and your favorite paper, stickers or other embellishments to customize the calendar in your own style. With different decorations, the advent calendar can be used for any occasion.

I used the Beautiful Moments collection from Carta Bella for most of the paper and stickers.

I had so much fun making these adorable pockets.

I added motivational notes on the back of each of the inserts. Scroll down to see my list. Be sure to watch the video to see more of this adorable calendar and how I made the pockets and inserts.

Below are my motivational notes. The great thing is that you can customize this calendar to suit your needs…just be sure to have fun with it.

1. Go shopping for healthy foods that I like!
2. Plan healthy menus for the week.
3. Clean and organize refrigerator and cupboard. Healthy foods!
4. Put together support group.
5. Journal food eaten in WW tracker or food journal every day.
6. Make a list of fun exercises to do!
7. Exercise 30 minutes three times a week. Follow WW.
8. Weigh in once a week at Weight Watchers.
9. Drink eight glasses of water every day.
10. Create healthy spaces WW.
11. Practice WW healthy routines.
12. Eat power foods!
13. Remember this is a lifetime plan. Relax and enjoy the journey.
14. Let go of perfectionism!
15. Stay positive!
16. Make a list of fun activities to do instead of eating!
17. Try a new healthy recipe!
18. Reward yourself with a non-food treat!
19. Try new exercise to prevent boredom!
20. Find new music for exercising!
21. Try a new vegetable.
22. Practice positive self-care.
23. Buy new clothes as you are losing weight!
24. Increase exercise time and intensity.
25. Celebrate successes!

Thanks for visiting and have a great day.


Crafting Katie said...

What a great idea, Linda! This is gorgeous, and I'm sure it will get you to your goal quickly!!!

Miranda said...

Awesome idea! I'm trying to get back on track with WW and lose some weight as well! Good luck!

madebymamaleh said...

As a longtime WW member and crafter, I LOVE this! Anything you can do to encourage yourself along the journey and have fun is fabulous! Plus you are reusing your calendar which is also a plus! Nicely done!

Anonymous said...

I am also trying to lose weight. What a wonderful idea. Megan

Donna said...

Awesome job Linda!
The papers you used are perfect. Much good luck reaching your goal, I need to get going in the weight loss effort too.

Donna C.

Linda Kaiser said...

Thanks everyone for your nice comments!


Angi Barrs said...

This calendar is FABULOUS!!!!

Karen K. said...

Love your project. Good luck on your WW journey. I have lost 90# on WW and know that if you work the program, the program works! :)
I, too, found it helpful to incorporate creative projects in my journey. I made decorative mini albums that I would carry with me to each class and record all the "bits" of success along the way. When I would be discouraged, I would look back and see how far I had come and it would give me the added inspiration I needed to continue on. Wishing you the best of success!

Linda Kaiser said...

Thanks Karen! Congrats on your amazing weight loss. Wow!!


Buenos días!!! Les quiero dar las gracias por enviarme este correo; el calendario me parece hermoso y lo quiero hacer. Necesito saber cómo lo puedo adquirir, vivo en Bogotá, Colombia. Nuevamente Gracias y espero su respuesta

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