Monday, October 6, 2014

Oil and Vinegar Gift Set

I put together a quick Oil and Vinegar Gift set using Lori Whitlock's files. I also posted this on Lori's blog and could not wait to share!

I used Lori’s Cooking Gift Set file and it was the quickest project ever! I purchased the oil and vinegar from a local cooking store and wanted a special gift tag. I needed a last minute gift and this was perfect. If you have more time, you could add embellishments to the front.

I sized Lori’s file to fit the bottle and included a tag with recipes. There is also room to insert a gift card!

You can leave the file sized as it was designed and include a package of salad dressing for the quickest gift ever!

Be sure to check out Lori’s shop for more projects and videos.

Thanks for visiting and have a great day!



Christina Hicks said...

This is so wonderful

JustYolie said...

Oh this is a neat idea!!!

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