Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Arc and Levenger Punch Comparison

A few weeks ago I did a series on how to make your own calendar organizer using the Arc System. After I finished the videos, I had several emails suggesting that I use the Levenger punch instead of the Arc System. I contacted Levenger and they sent me their portable punch to try. Hope you enjoy my video comparison.

Have a wonderful day!


Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing'

Carol said...

I have the Levenger desktop punch and it is, as you guessed, very sturdy. I haven't tried card stock, but I can punch several sheets of printer paper without any problems.

Unknown said...

Well after discovering your site yesterday, I was truly worried about which punch to get after reading some of your guests comments.
After laboring of the Arc punch, the Levenger Punch or the Levenger portable, I took the plunge and bought the desktop Levenger at 12:35AM. Then I woke to your post on the exact same topic that kept me up late!
I was really worried about making a mistake until I finished your video and voila I made the correct choice! YAY I should have it on Friday and I can't wait! Thank you for posting this if only I would have waited a few more hours, more sleep and no hesitations!

Linda Kaiser said...

Carol,I would love to know how it cuts card stock:)


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