Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Anna Griffin Pretty Paintings Card Making Kit Video

I posted this card on Monday and I just had to make a video to show how wonderful her kit is.  The soft colors and hand painted flowers remind you of a stroll through an enchanted garden.

Have a wonderful week and I will see you Friday!


Lady Fair said...

Anna really think of everything in her card kits, thanks for the walk-thru. I think her designs are lovely and perfect for cards. I ordered the Anna Griffin Minc with auto-ship. The Minc arrived yesterday and I couldn't wait to try it out. I just love it, the size and quality of the machine, the included designs, the foil and, oh wow, the glitter. I have the full size Minc as well, but the mini Minc is the perfect size for my most of my foiling and glitter needs. I look forward to your AG Minc video. Have a great day!

Luv 2 Create said...

Linda, I have been ordering Anna's card kits for years, and you are so right - she thinks of everything in those kits. Love her designs and they go together so quickly and with such ease. She finally has included a few kits for the men in your life as well and it is absolutely fabulous. I too, ordered her minc machine. It is fabulous, you are going to love it. Looking forward to your video on this as well.

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