Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Yellowstone Trip

Hello all. I hope you had a pleasant Memorial Day. We headed to Yellowstone National Park over the weekend and I thought it would be fun to share some photos by my husband Bill.

Thanks Linda! This area is known as Pelican Creek. the mountains in the background are on the east shore of Lake Yellowstone. This entire area may be flooded soon as the spring run-off raises the lake level.

This coyote was hunting rodents, and from what I observed, was pretty successful.

May brings bison calves. These ones were born recently and some still had their umbilical cord showing.

If its about 7:30 in the evening, it's nap time!

This Uinta Ground Squirrel was watching out for coyotes at about 8,000 feet on Mt. Washburn.

In the Hayden Valley, this grizzly was digging up food and put on quite a show for everyone.

A herd of bison swam the Yellowstone River. They give quite a shake when they climb up on the shore.

This huge bull bison napped in a meadow. Glad I had a 400mm telephoto lens to get this picture. All the animals are in the process of shedding their Winter coat and they look pretty shabby until Fall when they are all sleek and fat again. 

This beautiful swan and it's mate was swimming in the Firehole River near Old Faithful.

Whenever we visit the Old Faithful area, we always have to visit the Old Faithful Inn. It's said the be the largest log structure in the world. You can see four stories in this picture and it goes up another story or two above that!

Hope you enjoyed the photos and thanks for looking!


Crafting Katie said...

Amazing pics! I particularly love seeing the bison. The calves are so sweet, and I didn't realize they shed their winter coats. It makes me wonder if the ones that live here in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco do also, or only the ones with bigger climate changes.

KimCreate said...

What a great collection of wildlife photos. Must have been amazing to see in person.

Darlene said...

FABULOUS photos Linda! I love Yellowstone but with living in Ohio I don't get many chances to visit. My last visit was 1997 ... I am more than ready (especially after seeing your awesome photos) to make the trip again. Thanks for sharing! They brought back many happy memories of our 1997 trip.

Scrappy Pink Corner said...

Amazing photos. What an amazing trip this must have been. your husband takes beautiful pictures.
Thanks for sharing. Ana

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bill for the great photos! I always enjoy seeing the pictures you take!

Brenda said...

Wow, what amazing pictures Bill! I love seeing the animals, especially the Bison calves. They are so cute! That swan is just beautiful, coyote's we have in our own backyard, but it is still nice to see them up close in the safety of your camera lens. I was out on my patio reading yesterday and a young deer came into the yard, so cute! We have had a bear walk out of our corn field too. Love seeing wildlife and love your amazing pictures. That lodge is amazing. I'd love to see that in person!!! Wow! Oh Linda, I was on HSN looking at a video of Anna G and low and behold the caller that called in was you! Yes, I'm behind on the times, but eventually I get there. I loved how you said you had a cupboard dedicated to Anna's things. It's fun when you hear a voice you recognize and know. Now did you get the machine?! I hope you will show a video on it sometime in the future cause I was thinking about getting it sometime down the road. Hugs, Brenda

Pat S said...

Love when Bill shares photos. They are all so beautiful. The first one looks like an actual painting. Thanks

yellowrose85 said...

Love seeing all the pictures. Thanks for sharing.


Tami B. said...

Just left there myself. Did you see the grizzly Friday afternoon? If so, I was right there with you & saw the same one.

Loly Borda said...

Beautiful pictures,! Thanks Linda and Bill for sharing them. I would love to visit Yellowstone some day.

Janine said...

Great photos. We went there on our first visit to USA but I need to go back!

Marilyn said...

Thank you, I always enjoy Bill's pictures. We have been out west to Yellowstone twice and would love to go again. It's such an amazing place, so beautiful and Bill's pictures always bring back very fond memories. Thank you Bill!

lrlincks said...

Yellowstone is on my bucket list! Great photos! Thanks for sharing. I am a Linda married to a Bill as well! :)

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