Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Review of Anna Griffin® Minc 6" Foil and Glitter Machine

I ordered the Anna Griffin® Minc 6" Foil and Glitter Machine with Accessories from HSN and I could not wait to do a video to show you the kit.

First of all, the Minc machine and accessories ( 410-771) sells for $99.00, however I purchased mine as part of the Today's Special for $79.99. In fact, I was lucky to speak to Anna during the very first presentation of the Minc. If you go to HSN to order and listen to the second video, I am on live with Anna. It was such an honor to talk with her! Hope you enjoy my video review.

Have a wonderful week and I will see you Friday!


Scrappy Pink Corner said...

Hi Linda. I watched the presentation and noticed it was you immediately. Have fun playing with your new machine. Ana

Deb said...

Thank you Linda - great video! I bought a different laminating machine a couple of months ago and I've had troubles with the black spots too (I'm a bit of a perfectionist). I didn't think about running them through twice so will try that. I've also read that you should let it heat up longer than the manufacturers say - the hotter the better I guess. That does seem to help some. Enjoyed hearing you talk to Anna on HSN! Thanks again for all your great videos!

Melanie Lewis said...

Thanks for the review! I have been curious about the machine.

MamaRose said...

Thanks for the review, I think I will wait until further reviews before I make a purchase.

SueZee Alg said...

Linda, I use parchment paper as my carrier and have much better results. Also you don't get the static.

I've also created images using my Silhouette that included laser jet colors other then black. If the colors (other then black) are too dark these colors will also be foiled. When I used a lighter color there was some foiling which created an antique look with I really like. Also if you use the plastic carrier sheet, the laser jet black will burn into the plastic if not covered with foil or glitter.

I agree I would also give it a "B". It not perfect, but I still like the look. And others who have seen the finished project also thought it looked great.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Linda! I bought the machine on HSN during the initial presentation. I have not been able to get to it yet. Thank you for taking the time to give us your experience. I like the idea of SueZee and the parchment paper. Thank you SueZee for the suggestion.

Anyway, looking forward to more videos!

Julie from Fayette

cricaholic said...

Fun huh!!
I got the HSN special also.
Thru trial and error I finally set my machine to 4 and ran it thru twice. No more spots!! HURRAY!!!! I haven't tried the glitter yet. I then used my laser printer and WOW!!! PERFECT FOILING!!!! FUN FUN FUN!!!!

Brenda said...

I knew it was you as soon as they said "Linda from Montana is on the phone". lol I'm not totally sold on this machine yet and notice I said yet. But I do love the foiling, just not sure I would use it much to justify the $ spent. Thanks for the review Linda! Hugs, Brenda

nanaro said...

Hi Linda,
At first i ordered the Mink, but than cancled it because I do not have a laser printer and just couldn't afford another printer. Just wondering, did you purchas the foil pen?
What do you think of it. Thank you again for a very informative rewiew.

erowen said...

Used my MINC for the first time. Not that happy with it. The glitter works great on 5. I just can't get the foil to cover all the black. Anna suggests setting 3, but I've tried it on 4 and 5 even running it through more than once. I still end up with black spots. I have even tried it again by placing
pieces of foil on the black spots to no avail. Any suggestions?

Gigi said...

Thank you so much for the tips on using foil for intricate die cuts. When using the glitter paper, it does become a little messy because it seems like there is glitter on the work station and on the hands. Thankfully the glitter paper came with Anna's kit that was ordered through HSN; I won't be purchasing any in the future because it seemed too messy and the coverage, even through two passes on the Minc machine, was inadequate.

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