Friday, July 1, 2016

June Wedding!

Hello all, we've been on vacation for a little over a week now. During the first week, we attended my niece's wedding. My husband Bill was the photographer and I thought I'd share a couple his photos from the wedding.

A special thanks to Susan for house sitting and Jillian for keeping our lawn watered. My next post will include some photos from our visit to the Oregon coast.

My niece Ariana and her husband Jared. Congratulations!


Coelle said...

Love your husband's photograpy....gorgeous setting for your niece's wedding...looking forward to his pics of the Oregon coast!!

Mary R. said...

wow they are a beautiful couple my husband and I been married 43 yrs now good luck !! we all love the
pictures of the Oregon Coast...and your wedding pictures also....
God bless!!


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