Sunday, August 14, 2016

SOS Sunday

Welcome to Simply Organized Sunday…SOS for short. Every Sunday I showcase blogs, websites or posts that provide innovative approaches to organizing and designing your craft space as well as other areas in your home.

I really need to organize all my vinyl and think this just might be the answer on how to do it! I love the before and after photos. Thanks Silhouette School for another great post.

This is a great idea!

These are a couple of the before photos. I currently have my vinyl stored in a bucket too!

I love her after photo and each storage unit is only $1.99 Too clever!

Have a wonderfully organized Sunday!


Jo said...

The vinyl that I purchase comes on a much larger tube. The other day I was at a thrift store and had a flash thought, the stands that hold wine bottles works perfectly. Sometimes you can find them at flea markets and thrift stores cheap.

Scrappy Pink Corner said...

Great organization for vinyls. Very cute idea. TFS. Ana

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