Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Trip to Portland - Continued

On our last day in Portland, we decided to checkout the local culture by visiting the Farmer's Market on the campus of Portland State University.

It is still early in the year for the Farmer's Market, but the flower vendors were putting together amazing displays anyway.

The market was well attended and people were lining up for the numerous fantastic food tents.

We walked through this long park from PSU until we arrived at the Oregon Historical Society.

This graphic on the outside of the Oregon Historical Society is actually a 2D graphic on a flat wall. History buffs may note that Lewis and Clark are at the top, Sacajawea and her son Pompeii are on the left, York, and the expedition dog, Seaman is on the right.

An amazing stain-glass window on the side of the First Congregational United Church of Christ.

The stern-wheeler paddle boat Portland is moored on the Williamette River and houses the Oregon Maritime Museum.

The Portland River Front Park is beautiful this time of year with cherry blossoms. We had a great time and can't wait to go back!


Cheryl W said...

Thanks for sharing your pics of Portland, Linda. My daughter lives only a couple of blocks from the University of Portland, so you were very near her home. We are heading there (from Minnesota) in late June, and I can't wait. I LOVE the Northwest, and especially Portland!

Coelle said...

Just LOVE your pictures. We have never been to Portland so it's so wonderful to see these tremendous sights you captured in pictures. Thanks so much for sharing them! It makes me want to get this on our bucket list!

Ann said...

You were in my neck of the woods!! That long park by PSU is called the Park Blocks. Creative name, huh? Hahaha Glad you enjoyed your visit to our paradise.... As long as you live outside of the Portland metro area that is!! Too much traffic and crazy people in downtown to stay there for any length of time. I love my suburban home just south of there. Out of the crazy Portland mentality too where weird is the word of every day.

Linda Kaiser said...

Thanks for all your nice comments. We so loved Portland! It was a wonderful trip and I got to spend time with my family too!!!

Scrappy Pink Corner said...

Beautiful photos. TFS. ana

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