Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Summer Vacation Pictures

Hello everyone! We just got back from a two week vacation. A special thanks to my husband Bill for taking these amazing photos and writing this post!

After visiting family near Olympia, Washington, we pulled our trailer to La Push, Washington for some time on the coast. The weather was beautiful with bright sunshine on the waves. Linda's sister and husband joined us for a day on the ocean too.

La Push features a long wide pebble and sand beach, with piles of amazing driftwood. We were so fortunate to find a perfect camping spot for our travel trailer that was literally right on the ocean. In fact, we were right on the beach, just behind the driftwood you can see above.

A small stream flows into the ocean, adding to the brilliant reflections.

If you need to get away from the wind, the driftwood offers a windbreak and many fantastic shapes to explore.

I'm always fascinated with the textures in driftwood and wonder how the rocks get on the wood. Did a human put it there, or did a big storm place it there?

Many complex textures in this driftwood. The rock almost looks like a bird's egg.

It's only mid-day, but plans are being made for an evening beach fire. Thanks for viewing our photos!


Loly Borda said...

Thanks Bill and Linda for the fabulous pictures! Such a beautiful place and it seems you had a fun vacation! TFS

yellowrose85 said...

Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pictures. I always enjoy looking at them. I could even enjoy looking at more!!!! LOL

I actually made some cards with some of your other previous vacation pictures.


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