Sunday, July 29, 2018

Simply Organized Sunday

Welcome to Simply Organized Sunday…SOS for short. Every Sunday I showcase blogs, websites or posts that provide innovative approaches to organizing and designing your craft space as well as other areas in your home.

A special thanks to my sister for sending me this blog post showing 12 practical things you can do with cardboard tubes. Wow!

I can’t wait to try using a roll of paper towels to help keep my pants from wrinkling.

This is such a clever idea to keep my cords from tangling. I am going to add cardstock to the tube for a more decorative look.

Be sure to visit One Good Thing for more ideas!

I hope you are having a simply organized Sunday and a wonderful weekend.


Olga said...

I like it. As soon as I saw it I thought the tube needs decorating though.

Marilyn said...

Great ideas!
Have a great day!


In your introduction to this article, you mention "12 practical things you can do with cardboard tubes". All I can see is the tubes around the cords. Apparently, I'm a follower of your site, or I wouldn't receive your posts. How do I find the other ideas?

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