Monday, October 15, 2018

Fab Lab Day at High School

Recently, I was asked by the high school librarians my husband works with, to come in and show some of my Cricut projects. I'm always excited to talk Cricut anything, so I happily agreed. The Makerspace, which they christened "Fab Lab", is a place for students to come in to the library and creative activities and "make" something of their own design. It's a win-win for the library. The library sees more student traffic and the students have an opportunity to try different mediums and design something and build it.

The Cricut station.

A display of some of my work for the students to see.

Another view of my display pieces.

Materials for the students to use. In the middle, you can see a balsa wood airplane that was cut on the Cricut Maker.

A 3D printer that any student can use.

Examples of 3D printed puzzle pieces and other printed items.

It was a great experience and the Fab Lab is going to be a wonderful place for students to be makers and create amazing projects.


Deb said...

What a great and beautiful variety of things you made for this - I'm sure it all was a big hit!

Marilyn said...

WOW! Very creative!
Have a great day,

Olga said...

Maker spaces are the wave of the future for libraries. This is a great example. Wonderful for you to share your crafty skills.

Crafting Katie said...

That's so cool! Love it!!!

Ann said...

Awesome to the max!!! Hope you shared this post with Ashish. :-)

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