Sunday, December 12, 2021

Anna Griffin Snowflake Wonderland Craft Box

I purchased Anna Griffin’s Snowflake Wonderland Craft Box as part of my auto-ship. This was one of my favorite auto-ships and I love it! 

 This card was easy to make thanks to Anna’s Finishing School video. 

This kit is amazing, and I can’t wait to finish watching Finishing School and make another card.

Hope this post finds you safe and well.


Tina said...

It's beautiful, Linda. I ordered it too but haven't tried it yet. I've been a bit apprehensive about whether or not it would be too complex for me. Was it relatively straightforward to do? Thanks for showing it.

Linda Kaiser said...

This was the hardest project. I loved Anna’s directions and you could start out with the first project. I think you would love it! And her directions were great!

Tina said...

Thanks, Linda!

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