Monday, April 12, 2010

Christmas in April

I am making cards for a silent auction and thought I would share. My goal is to make cards for every season and I am almost done. Whew! This card is done in the Iris Folding style, except that I used ribbons instead of paper.

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Posted by Picasa


Enfys said...

This is stunning Linda, what a great idea to make up cards for all seasons. I bet they go really well.
big hugs
En xx

Linda Kaiser said...

Thanks so much for your nice comment. It means so much to me:)


Crystal said...

What a beautiful card. I love the idea of using ribbon, very creative.

Linda Kaiser said...

Thanks Crystal for your kind words.

scrappingjoy said...

wow that card is awesome. How did yo do it. I would love to know.

Linda Kaiser said...

ScappingJoy: Thanks for the question. I used the Iris folding technique, but instead of paper, I used narrow ribbon. Listed below is a link to a video on how to do iris folding.

Hope this helps!


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