Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Quick and Easy Christmas Tags Using the Imagine and the Expression, and How to Use Photo Glossy Paper in the Imagine

Today we are going to be making quick and easy Christmas tags with the Imagine. I am using the Very Merry Tags Cartridge with the Imagine More Cartridge. If you don’t have an Imagine, you can use the Very Merry tags cartridge in your Expression or Baby Bug. I will also show you how to use glossy paper in the Imagine.

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AndreaA said...

billatungreat video!!!
I don't have the imagine yet but I do have this cartridge.The snowflake and the tree tags are adorable.
Thanks for a great video!!

Linda Kaiser said...

Thanks Andrea!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! I can't wait to use glossy photo paper. Have you tried the matte photo paper?


Linda Kaiser said...

Sue: I have not tried the matte yet, but will. I am in love with the glossy and bet the matte will look great too!

Thanks for the question.


Pam (AKA CraftyK) said...

Great video Linda!! I love that cartridge.

Linda Kaiser said...

Pam: Thanks for the comment. I love this cart and it is so easy to use!


Stampinlynne said...

Thanks for the great video, i've been playing with my glossy photo paper and xmas tags all afternoon! I look forward to your future videos.

Linda Kaiser said...

Thanks so much! I love the Imagine..especially with glossy paper!

grumpygus said...

thanks for the videos. How about making a get to know your Imagine.
Mine came on Wednesday, but too chicken to even plug it in.
I would love step by step.
don't want much do I!!!!LOL

Linda Kaiser said...

Thanks for the idea...GrumpyGus. You might want to check out these videos posted by Tammi.

Good luck....and have fun!


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