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For those of you that are new to this blog, every Thursday, I showcase five blogs, websites or posts that I think you will enjoy. Here are my weekly picks.

This is a photo of the Girls Paperie display taken by Scrap Time. For the most comprehensive photos taken at CHA, be sure to visit Christine’s blog and Flickr album. She literally has hundreds of photos taken at CHA in her album!

There is quite a buzz about the Cricut Craft Room software that debuted at CHA and thought you might enjoy reading more. The software is currently being beta tested and according to Provo Craft should be available in April. As I understand, it will be free on-line software that will be similar to Design Studio, but with more functionality. It is also designed to work with the Cricut as well as the Imagine.

Check out this official Facebook question and answer post for the latest updates.
For those of you that are not on Facebook, here is a partial listing of the questions and answers.

Cricut - The Official Page!
We'll continue to post questions and answers in this discussion topic as they become available. Thank you for taking the time to post questions.

Q: What is Cricut Craft Room?
A: Cricut Craft Room is a free online design tool

Q: How is it different from Cricut Design Studio and Gypsy?
A: While offering similar features to both CDS and Gypsy, Cricut Craft Room requires an internet connection (CDS does not) and requires you to be on a computer (not mobile like Gypsy)

Q: How much is Cricut Craft Room?

Q: When will Cricut Craft Room be available?
A: We are planning to launch this software in April, 2011

Q: Does Cricut Craft Room work with PC and MAC?
A: Yes, upon launch Cricut Craft Room will work on both a PC and a MAC.

Q: How do I access Cricut Craft Room?
A: When it is released, you'll be able to access Cricut Craft Room through your account.

Q: How do I link my cartridges to Cricut Craft Room?
A: You can either link your Gypsy to CCR to update your account, or if you do not have a Gypsy you can connect your Cricut machine to your computer (using the same cable you use to perform firmware updates) and link your cartridges to your account through your Cricut.

Q: Can CCR cut with multiple cartridges at one time like Gypsy?
A: Yes, you will not have to connect each individual cartridge when cutting unless you are using a cartridge that has not been synced to your account.

Q: Can I use CCR offline? Do I need an internet connection?
A: Yes, CCR required that you have an internet connection in order to access your account.

Q: What does Beta mean?
A: When we say CCR is in Beta we just mean it's in a testing phase where we have selected individuals testing the software for us.

Q: Can I be a part of the beta test?
A: We have already selected those who will participate in our beta program.

Q: Do I have to use cartridges with CCR or can I make my own images and cut true type fonts?
A: You must use cartridges with CCR. CCR does not allow you to access true type fonts on your computer and cut them using Cricut.

Q: How will you manage the site so it doesn't get bogged down with so many people using it at one time?
A: That is what we are testing with our beta program. Will continue to test our software and the capacities we anticipate it will need to provide a good user experience.

Q: Are my CCR files available to anyone but me through my account?
A: No, the only way anyone can access your files is if they are logged into your account

Also be sure and check out Tammy Skinners ‘s Creative Critters Cricut Club website for several videos on Cricut Craft Room and the new Expression 2 Anniversary Edition.

I love the Create blog and think you will too. It is a blog for scrapbooking and crafting enthusiasts brought to you by Scrapbook Trends, CARDS, and Simply Handmade magazines. Here is a link to the August 11, 2011 Cricut Magazine design call. I hope to see some of your designs in that issue!

Diane from Capadia Designs posted photos of a new stamp line that she saw at CHA. These stamps look amazing and have tons of detail. I so want to buy some soon!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you are having a terrific Thursday. Stop in tomorrow for a fun new project.


Anonymous said...

Linda,thanks so much for all the CHA information.


Linda Kaiser said...

Sue, you are so welcome! I can't wait to try CCR. Linda

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the Q and A information. I can't wait to try the on-line Cricut Craft Studio.

Linda Kaiser said...

You are so welcome! Me too!

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