Monday, September 12, 2011

Favorite Tip Contest Winner

Thanks everyone for participating in the favorite tip contest. I was so impressed with all the amazing tips and how many of you that took time to share your great ideas with us!

Thanks to all of you for sharing over 95 extremely useful tips and techniques. Wow!! Click here to see all the terrific tips.

In fact, this contest was so much fun that I decided to do have more contests in the future. They will each have a different topic and will give you all a chance to share more of your great ideas with us. Stay tuned for more information!

And without further delay, here is our winner:

Carrie K said….

My favorite tip is to make my own pop dots. I use a piece of adhesive backed fun foam and run it through the xyron. (after I have cut it into strips of different widths) Then I have different width strips and just cut off what size I need. And, in different colors! This has saved me tons of money!!
Congrats Carrie! Please email me your address and let me know if you would like the Once Upon a Princess or the Just Because Cards cartridge. My email is

Thanks again everyone for playing! Stop back tomorrow for a fun new project.



Linda Kaiser said...

Carrie, got your email! Congrats!


Roxx.T Barnes said...

Congratulations Carrie!You can match the color of cardstock your using. Super great idea!
Thanks Linda said...

Congrat's Carrie!! Love your tip and going to give it a try soon!! And Linda you are awesome for doing this tip contest...I missed this and Have a tip that most might know, I have a pair of tweeser bees and Love them soo....They are the best for holding small peices of paper while glueing and placing in your Project!!! And your tip works well too!! Thanks and Keep up the awesome tutorials!!

Linda Kaiser said...

Thanks for the tip Rexann! Love it!


Caprice said...

Congrats Carrie!!!! Wonderful tip. I actually tried your tip last night and love it!!! Good for you, enjoy your cart. :)

Linda, great contest!!

Janie said...

I have been making my own for a couple of years now. I run mine through 2 times, so it's sticky on both sides. I cut the size I need at the time and YES, make different colors, so nice. I primarily stick to white, tan and black.

Anonymous said...


This has been a great tool to hear what other crafters have as their "tips". Maybe it would be fun to keep that tip post going.


MizMaryAnn said...

Csrrie, you're tip is so awesome. I put adhesive backed foam on my shopping list and can hardly wait to try your idea.

Kate said...

Congratulations, Carrie! I really enjoyed this contest. I feel like a winner with all the great tips I learned!!

Cheri said...

What a fab tip!!!
Thank you
I wonderedif it was too expensive
for the companies to make.
Maybe all the tips need to be printable for us...Hugggs

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