Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Candy Crafting Break

This weekend, I took a break from crafting and had some friends over for our annual candy making session.  We started early at 11 am and went non-stop until 3 pm. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun and I thought I'd share a few pictures with you.

Here are the tools of the trade. We take different colored chocolates and hand-paint the candy molds for a variety of effects.

Shelby and Grace produced this fine tray of candies. Most their candy was going to their teachers and classmates at school.

Everyone is working hard here. From left to right is Morgan, Betsy, Shelby, Grace and Maranna.

Nevaeh and her mother Morgan with a delicious looking tray of goodies.

This was the scene for about 4 hours with me (in red) directing traffic.  The gentleman in the corner is Danny, who stopped by and decided to try his hand at making some chocolates.

Maranna  and Nevaeh with lots of chocolates.

Maranna's fantastic work.

Close-up of the tray above.

Thanks for looking and hope your holiday preparations are going well for you too. Thanks to my husband, Bill, who helped out big time since I am still run down from the flu. He did all the prep for this party including washing and drying all the molds. Also I want to thank Sam for coming...she somehow managed to leave without having her photo taken. Next year Sam!!

Happy Holidays!


Unknown said...

Everything looks fantastic!! I love the BLUE added in this year.

Linda Kaiser said...

Thanks Aubrey! We so missed you at the party! Hope you can make it next year!

Linda and Bill

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day! Those kids sure look proud of their work.

char52 said...

How fun is that! Thanks so much for sharing.. Isn't it just so great to do things with people over the holidays :-)

Carolyn said...

How wonderfulThanks for sharing. I have done that with my sister what a lot of fun w had.

Crafting Katie said...

How fun! You candies turned out gorgeous!

MizMaryAnn said...

Oh your candies look delicious. Somehow goodies always taste better when they are made with family and friends.

Anonymous said...

All looks very yummy!!!

Brenda W.

Maranna said...

Thanks Linda, it was so much fun. Looking forward to next year!

ScrapCrazyyyy! said...

What a fun idea. The cookies look yummy!

Linda Kaiser said...

Thanks Maranna we loved having you!

Your candies were amazing!


Tina said...

Very beautiful candy. I hope your energy is back full strength really soon. Merry Christmas!


Kate said...

What a fun, fun day you all had! How wonderful of you to organize such a bonding activity with your neighbours, including adults and children alike! And you look like you are having a grand time directing traffic. Thanks so much for sharing!
I'm sorry that you are still feeling run down and hope you continue to recover!

MelodyR aka Ry&MysMom said...

How fun, Linda! That was quite a lot of delicious looking treats - I'm sure the recipients enjoyed them.

Angi Barrs said...

You guys are having waaaayyyy too much fun! Wish I lived closer. I would have joined ya! :) Looks like a fun day of candy making. :)

Roxx.T Barnes said...

Linda, Everything looks yummy.

Nadia ( said...

Wow! They look great. What really caught my eye was the name "Nevaeh". One of my daughter's best girl friends is also named "Nevaeh" (Heaven spelled backwards). I have never ever seen that name before anywhere!

Anyway, what a great project and a lot of happy candy-makers!

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