Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Trip to Yellowstone National Park

My husband Bill is on spring break this week, so we took a short trip to Yellowstone National Park. The park doesn't open officially for another month, but the road to Cooke City, Montana is plowed all year around. The fifty mile road can give you quite a few astonishing views and my husband Bill shared a few with you below.

The north entrance of the park in Gardiner, Montana is the  home of the Teddy Roosevelt arch, with it's timeless motto, "For the benefit and enjoyment of the people".

The Mammoth Hot Springs terraces continue to create beautiful terraces all year long. The algae in the water creates different colors depending on the temperature of the water.

A close-up of the south terraces.

 Another close-up of the south terraces.

If you like to hike, this bridge over Soda Butte Creek will be the start of your journey to the back country.

There weren't a lot of animals to see on this trip, but this Bald Eagle was kind enough to pose in a tree near the Lamar River.

Thanks stopping by and be sure to check back Monday for a few more photos of our trip to Yellowstone National Park.


Crafting Katie said...

Bill always takes the most stunning pictures! I love seeing Yosemite in the snow, as I've only been there in the summer. Looks like it was a fabulous trip!

Darlene said...

FABULOUS photos! Thanks so much for sharing them! I've only been to Yellowstone once ... way back in 1997. Not an easy trip since I live in Ohio! LOL But I remember it well and it was beautiful in the month of August when we were there ... I can only imagine how gorgeous it must be with the snow on the ground! Awesome Eagle shot ... thanks again for sharing ... truly enjoyed my little trip to Yellowstone this morning!

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