Monday, April 2, 2018

Trip to Yellowstone National Park: Part 2

Hello all, I've taken some time off from blogging during Easter and instead of  posting  a project, my husband Bill is sharing  more pictures below of our trip  to Yellowstone National Park. You can see the original post here.

This is another picture of the bridge over Soda Butte Creek to the Lamar back country. The mountains in back, from left to right are Abiathar, Amphitheater, and my favorite, The Thunderer.

Soda Butte Creek with Mount Abiathar in the the distance.

The Lamar River with Specimen Ridge in the background. In the summer, you can hike up there and see fossil trees. Spring is rapidly approaching as  you can see by the ice breaking up on the river banks. In another month, most of this snow will be gone, green grass will start pushing up and large herds of bison will return to the valley.

53 miles into the park, the road ends at Cooke City. The General Store is closed for the season. That's a good thing because there is almost no way to get in to it.

The Cafe Cooke is closed too, but other businesses are open to accommodate the huge numbers of enthusiastic snowmobile tourists.

Thanks for stopping by and check back for more fun and  exciting projects by Linda!

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